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Why a simple and elegant car dealer website design is important

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When it comes to your car dealer website, we’ve 3 words of advice: ‘Simplicity is Elegance.’ White spaces and simple shapes can give your auto dealer website a powerful and more professional persona.

Here are some reasons to go with an elegant, tastefully designed car dealer website.

Reason 1: Eye Scanning is Easier 

No one has the patience to read through the full-textual content on your website. Instead, most website visitors just scan through it. With simple yet elegant web design, even web crawlers find it easier to scan it within a short span of time.

This increases visitors, in turn increasing website traffic.

Reason 2: Better User Experience on car dealer website:

A simplified design provides a far more positive user experience during navigation within the car dealer website.

Here are a few tips to simplify your website design.

  • Work on your homepage for well-segmented and formatted textual content. It should be easy to read, with the main takeaways highlighted
  • Limit the calls-to-action on your home page to the most important tasks, and highlight them

Reason 3: Wards off the pushy feel

Many car dealer websites appear quite flashy, with complex designs that convey a pushy feel. On the other hand, a simplified design brings clarity that will increase the stickiness of your auto dealer website.

It is easier to blend calls-to-action with the ongoing conversation, with simplified website design, and this reduces customer resistance to your sales pitch.

Reason 4: Website loads in the blink of an eye

Website loading time is one of the main criteria for improved SEO and user experiences. Without heavy images and features, your website loading time will be below 3 seconds, which means a reduced bounce rate.

Reason 5: Improves Conversion Rates

Most car dealerships are not aware of the fact that a simplified website design improves conversion rates.

Your website content will look clean and non-invasive, audiences will easily understand your value proposition and respond to your marketing better. All these will lead to increased conversion rates and more car sales.

Of course, all of these web design considerations are taken care of when you opt for a next-gen. responsive auto dealer website.

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