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Hackney Carriage:

What is the difference between a hackney carriage taxi and a private hire car?
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Taxi  vehicles:

All taxi (hackney carriage) vehicles in Telford and Wrekin access for at least one wheelchair.

  • it can be hailed from the street.
  • also can operate from taxi ranks.
  • Hence, we must have a meter and a fare table displayed.
  • have a white plate attached to the rear of the vehicle, a tactile plate on the inside of the door, and a vehicle badge inside the vehicle which all show the license number.

Private hire vehicles:

Moreover, Private hire vehicles are family-sized vehicles and minibusses which carry up to 8 passengers. :

  • therefore, can’t be hailed in the street.
  • cannot use taxi ranks.
  • must be pre-booked through a licensed operator.
  • have a yellow door sticker and a yellow plate attached to the rear of the vehicle displaying the license number.
  • also have the vehicle number replicated on a badge displayed in the windscreen.

If you get into a Private Hire car without pre-booking  (i.e. if you stop it or find it in the street) you may not be covered by insurance.
Private hire drivers are breaking the law to allow you into an unbooked vehicle.