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Important things to consider while booking taxi milton keynes

Have you ever gone to the UK? Without considering the nature of the answer it is imperative that one has to hire a taxi service for commuting from place to place when he is on a UK visit.  The Heathrow airport taxi services have been made reliable by Government authorities and it has become easy […]

Great 10 Reasons To Live In Milton Keynes

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As a continuously evolving popular “New City”.  Milton Keynes has a lot to offer to people either looking at moving to the area. Furthermore, people currently residing in MK and wanting to stay. Great schools, plenty of job opportunities and ease of transport. Moreover, here are 10 reasons why Milton Keynes is a great place […]

No One Better Than Flybird Taxis!

It is true that there are many fabulous apps which enable you to book taxis. But there is still no one better than Flybird Taxis. After all, we allow you to travel in a taxi in style and also in the car of your choice. Fly bird Taxis is quite popular and almost everyone who has […]

About Flybird Taxis

The mission of About Flybird Taxis is to provide the very best service in Milton Keynes and passengers and to do this with the utmost regard to each customer. We strive for perfection and in doing so accomplish excellence in quality service and customer care. How do we achieve this? First and foremost by considering […]


There’s more to Milton Keynes than meets the eye. Now in its 50th year, it’s a town on the rise, with ambitions to become a future hub. Milton keynes exploration will give more information. Just 45 miles outside London, it’s conveniently located and well connected through a network of grid roads and underpasses. A number of […]

Why One Should Choose Taxis for Airport Transfers Wisely?

Nowadays, people prefer booking taxis for airport transfers because they benefit from it in numerous ways. When you choose public transport like buses, trams then there are chances that you may get stuck in traffic. Also, you might have to change the vehicle again and again for reaching the airport. However, this is not the […]

Why Choose Flybird for your Airport Taxi Transfers

When a loved one arrives for spending some blissful time with their beloved family members or leaves after finishing their overwhelming journey; both the moments are very special for the host and for the guest as well. Such moments require hearty welcome moments, and warm goodbye instead of heart-wrenching separation of loved ones. Similar is […]

Why a simple and elegant car dealer website design is important

When it comes to your car dealer website, we’ve 3 words of advice: ‘Simplicity is Elegance.’ White spaces and simple shapes can give your auto dealer website a powerful and more professional persona. Here are some reasons to go with an elegant, tastefully designed car dealer website. Reason 1: Eye Scanning is Easier  No one […]