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Prepare for an Upcoming Wedding

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Upcoming Wedding

There are only so few important milestones you’ll look back on, and one of them will be your upcoming wedding day. You’ll have tons of things to plan and prepare before the big day, and you’ll agree with us that transportation on that day will be a top priority. How does everyone intend to get to the venue? Do you have out-of-town guests who require your help in arranging for transportation?

We’ll love to be your number one choice for luxurious, safe, and comfortable vehicles. If you’ve got something planned, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ve also got some tips prepared for you down below to help you narrow down just how to go about getting your transportation options in place:


Deciding on the mode of transport for you and your to-be partner and everyone else (including attendants, family members, guests, etc.) is essential to ensuring that your special day remains fun and memorable. Pick a ride that best suits your budget and wedding theme. As for transportation for everyone else, do be sure to liaise with a reliable transportation company to seek their expert opinion.

KNOW WHEN TO BOOK wedding event:

You’re going to need something to ride in style in for your big day, and you might even be looking at options for your family and other guests as well. A safe timeline for booking your dream ride is around four to six months in advance, but if you’re planning to wed in the months of April, May, or June, a nine-month booking in advance would be advisable.


When you need to be somewhere at a certain time, you’ll most likely prefer that everyone can be punctual. However, that isn’t always the case, especially with out-of-town guests unfamiliar with the area. It isn’t your role to pick up the financial aspect of their mode of transport, but you can always help to arrange the best transportation options for them. Determine who needs a lift and get all the necessary details to share with your transportation company as soon as possible.


You probably already have tons of things running through your head concerning the upcoming wedding, and the last thing you need is something that requires your immediate and full attention. If you’re arranging for transportation for your guests, do be sure to get their names, contact number, and pickup and drop-off addresses to give to the transportation company beforehand.


Adding on an extra 20 to 30 minutes to each ride is a good idea, especially since we’re talking about an event that involves quite a number of people and possibly more than one venue. Dealing with traffic on a regular day is bad enough, so don’t make the mistake of packing everything in with no air to breathe. With more added time, you can also avoid feeling rushed and panicked.

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