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How to Impress your High-Profile Clientele

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Cleaning the office, throwing together last-minute presentations, booking dinners and events. Furthermore, rganizing an itinerary- when you have a high-profile clientele visiting your office. There are many things that need to be done in order to impress them and ensure they have a productive and nice visit. We know how stressful it can be having clients visit the office. Especially high-profile ones that require your company’s utmost attention. Follow our tips below on how to impress your high-profile clientele on their next business trip!

Have your entire staff dress professionally

Work dress codes have evolved over the years from business to casual business attire, with most offices allowing employees to wear jeans on a daily basis. In the event you do have high-profile clientele visiting, nix the casual dress code and swap it for either traditional business attire (men wear formal suits/sports jackets with ties, dress shoes and business shirts while women wear pantsuits or skirt suits with blouses and closed toe shoes) or a stricter business casual (men wear khakis or dress pants with collared shirts while women wear dress pants, skirts or dresses). When your high-profile clientele visits the office they’ll be impressed by how professional your staff is High-Profile Clientele!

Plan a meeting outside of the office

No one wants to meet inside an office all day every day of a business trip; half the fun of traveling for business is exploring new cities and what they have to offer! Our beautiful city has plenty of options for entertaining your client: restaurants, golf, bars- the list goes on.

By planning a meeting outside of the office, not only is your client going to feel refreshed, it also gives you an opportunity to step out of the office and experience a new environment that can spark new ideas.

Arrange for transportation for High-Profile Clientele:

Clients visiting from out of town won’t be as familiar as you are, so arranging transportation for the duration of their visit will not only make them feel more comfortable, but will show them you care about their safety while navigating around town from their hotel to business meetings and events. The Service that offers a corporate transportation service to meet the needs of your high-profile clientele.

By choosing your service, you’re choosing a transportation provider that will reflect your professional image and will ensure your clients arrive to each meeting in a timely manner. Our experienced and professionally trained chauffeur staff always puts safety first and offers an excellent experience for your clients by being courteous, knowledgeable and dressed in a traditional black suit uniform, a perfect fit for your high-profile clientele! You need a service that can assist with the following corporate transportation services:

  • Airport pick ups and drop offs
  • Hotel pick ups and drop offs
  • Business meetings
  • Golf outings & more (we have several vehicles in our fleet that have enough space to fit everyone’s golf clubs!)

High-Profile Clientele:

Anyone who isn’t familiar with town will be impressed if their transportation is arranged and they can avoid having to rent a vehicle and navigate around an unfamiliar city.

By following the tips above, your high-profile clientele is going to have an enjoyable business trip.

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