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Great 10 Reasons To Live In Milton Keynes

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As a continuously evolving popular “New City”.  Milton Keynes has a lot to offer to people either looking at moving to the area. Furthermore, people currently residing in MK and wanting to stay. Great schools, plenty of job opportunities and ease of transport. Moreover, here are 10 reasons why Milton Keynes is a great place to live:.

1). Location – 

Within Buckinghamshire (South East England), Milton Keynes is only an hour and a half drive to both the center of Birmingham and London, with the option of trains also having direct lines to both. Closely surrounded by Northampton, Oxford and Cambridge there’s always something to do nearby; the drive from MK to Luton airport also only takes around 30 minutes by taxis or car  if you want to travel overseas.

2). Great place for new businesses –

 Milton Keynes is a great place for pioneers to fund and create new products, ideas and services. Plenty of entrepreneurs have built up their own companies through Milton Keynes, whether that being within their homes, in an office or a factory.

3). Schooling and education – 

There’s a plethora of outstanding nurseries, schools and educational places throughout Milton Keynes, including the increasing popular Open University. Currently there are over 110 schools within the MK borough.

4). Development

Milton Keynes is forever expanding and developing, with multiple new estates being built all the time as well as new restaurants, shops and leisure activities. Some of the new housing developments include: Wavendon, Campbell Park, Oxley Park and Brooklands.

5). Green and eco-friendly –

Always thriving to be more green and eco-friendly, Milton Keynes is ever changing on ways to help the environment, including introducing electronic parking, robot deliveries, electric buses and rental bikes throughout the city.

6). Job opportunities Are Reason to visit Here:

There’s a huge range of job opportunities on offer throughout MK from office based to retail, mechanical to creative arts, influencing many people to move and live in Milton Keynes, with over 100 recruitment agencies recruiting in the area.

7). Grid system and transport –

Famous for the mass amount of roundabouts, Milton Keynes works as a grid system, making it extremely easy for people to get from point a to b and also helps with a better flow of traffic. For people living in the area who do not drive/ do not want to drive to their destination have the option of taking one of the many bus services or taxi service / walking/ cycling along red-ways to avoid the roads.

8). Restaurants and Shopping In Milton Keynes –

Throughout, there’s a huge variety of restaurants and shops on offer to fulfil everyone’s tastes and requirements. The majority of houses across MK are within walkable distance to local corner shops; also having easy access to the many supermarkets, shopping halls and Centre MK, which has plenty of high-street stores to browse through.

9). Events In Milton keynes –

Milton Keynes offers many events throughout the year targeted at many different audiences, from kids activities to adult midnight running events. MK Council and The Parks Trust very often arrange events that get communities together to enjoy nature, music and/or food, to name a few. Also easy to get milton keynes taxi to your journeys.

10). Recreation –

MK has a diverse range of activities for everyone to enjoy. For example: snowboarding at the Xscape, swimming and attending exhibitions etc. There are also a lot of different clubs across  which are  free to join to get active. These were Reasons To Live In Milton Keynes.

Reasons To Live In Milton Keynes are described here

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