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Book a well-planned transfer

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Booking a taxi may not be the most important part of your trip, but it has to be done anyway. Whenever you decide to take a holiday trip, it makes sense to book your flight and residence first. Once you have found the best prices for your flight and your camping, you can start looking for your taxi. It sometimes looks like a detail, but your transfer is really important. It’s the best way to have a well-planned transfer and start your trip in a good mood.

Well-planned transfer

You generally announce an arrival time at your camping that depends on the time and date of your plane landing. In the case of a return trip to the airport, it is even more important to be right on time so you don’t miss your flight. If there’s a little doubt about it, we know you won’t be able to enjoy your stay. Because we want you to enjoy it, we guarantee you to be on time, for any trip with us.

Airport transfer

A well-planned trip doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time planning it. We don’t think there is a lot of info needed in order to have a well-planned transfer. You can easily book a taxi on our website by simply filling the voids on the form available on the main page. First, you only have to give us your name, your phone number, and email address. Then, we need basic information, such as your time and date of arrival the number of passengers, the airport when you want us to pick you up, and the camping where we will drop you off. Tell us if you need accessories such as children’s seats and if you need a return, choose it in the form. The details will be arranged with the driver at the time he picks you up at the airport for well planned transfer.

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