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There’s more to Milton Keynes than meets the eye. Now in its 50th year, it’s a town on the rise, with ambitions to become a future hub. Milton

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hackney carriage taxi vehicles

Hackney Carriage: What is the difference between a hackney carriage taxi and a private hire car? Pages in What is the difference between a taxi and a

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The 9 best things to do in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is relatively fresh on the block – last year marked 50 years since it was designated a “new city” and, just now, the best

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Why One Should Choose Taxis for Airport Transfers Wisely?

Nowadays, people prefer booking taxis for airport transfers because they benefit from it in numerous ways. When you choose public transport like

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Why Choose Flybird for your Airport Taxi Transfers

When a loved one arrives for spending some blissful time with their beloved family members or leaves after finishing their overwhelming journey; both

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Why Taxi Service is a Boon for Metropolitans?

No one really wants to travel in public transport because they stop many times in between and chances are that you may get stuck in traffic. Everyone

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